A Series Air Treatment Units

The port size of A Series Air Treatment Unit is from M5 to 1 “. In the current product family, It has the most complete specifications, big flow rate. And the installation and maintenance is very simple, which coupled with manual and automatic drainage drainage-type type (only in 2000 or more size selection). It is our VPC one of the best-selling line of products.

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V Series Air Source Treatment Unit(With Air gauge inside)

V Series pressure gauge embedded FRL can reduce excessive collision damage on pressure gauge in the transport and use .It has square and traditional two type gauges. The port size is from 1/8�� to 1/2��, the valve body is aluminum die-casting material, compact, with high accuracy, easy to install and maintain, if need a special thread please highlight.

V804 Series air source treatment

The feature of V804 Series air source treatment is large flow rate, compact structure, and easy for installation. All size has the protect cup.

A/B Series Air Treatment Units

A series is small valve body without protect cup. B series is big valve body with protect cup. The material is die-casting zinc alloy; the feature is light products and easy installation. It is our most mature products which sold to at least 30 countries.