One Touch-in Fitting

Plastic fitting is the most popular fitting. There are many types. For instance, straight, bulkhead, reducer, elbow, Long socket elbow, Branch Y, Branch T and Branch double, Different diameter triple double etc. PT thread, G thread, inch NPT thread etc are available. We sell a lot all over the world.

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KQ2 Series One Touch-in Fitting

The standard plastic pneumatic fittings are actually pushed in fittings for both PU tubing and PA tubing and very convenient to use on different components, they are worldly wide accepted and used, VPC has a wide range of plastic pneumatic fitting, including metric tubing with BSPT thread, metric tubing with BSPP thread, inch tubing with BSPT thread, inch tubing with NPT thread, etc. Various from straight fitting, angle fitting to tee fitting, hand valve, flow control Fitting, VPC plastic fittings are always with excellent quality and very competitive prices, very popular in the world wide market.

Hand Valve/Speed Controller

Flow control valve can be divided into input flow control, output flow control, tube flow control etc. three types. PT thread, G thread, inch NPT thread etc are available. Hand valve has four types according to the flow direction and connection type.

Air Tube

The main air tubes of VPC are PU, PA (PA11 and PA12), and PE tubes. It is in the pneumatic system to realize the role of connectivity and transmission of pressure air. The diameter is from 2.5mm to 16mm. Delicate appearance, wide range of applications.


Muffler according to the different materials are divided into stainless steel muffler, plastic muffler, and copper muffler etc. three types. It is widely used in solenoid valve or a cylinder, and other needs of clean air and reduces the noise of the occasion. Our SB,SC,SD,SS series muffler can be also used in controlling flow rate .The thread size is from 1/8��to 1��. Special sizes can be custom-made.

Metal One Touch-In Fitting

Metal fitting is normally brass material with nickel plated. Brass color is available. It is widely be used in high temperature and high pressure where plastic fitting isn��t competent. Like G thread, PT thread, inch NPT thread are optional. There are many types. For instance, straight, bulkhead, reducer, elbow, Long socket elbow, Branch Y, Branch T and Branch double etc. Delicate appearance, wide range of applications.

USA Style Fitting

U.S.A.Style fitting is used for PE and PA Tube. The surface color is brass color or nickel plated. The normal thread is inch tube NPTF thread. G thread and PT thread are optional. It has many types which be widely used in all kinds of industries. It is a better choice when plastic fitting isn��t competent.

VPC Series Pipe Fittings

VPC Series Pipe Fittings

One Touch-in Fitting For Water

One Touch-in Fitting For Water

Quick Coupler

The S/P pneumatic couplers are of Japan standard,VPC pneumatic has material of steel, stainless steel and zinc,of which steel pneumatic couplers are most normal.This kind of pneumatic couplers are of good quality with very good prices,very popular most in South-east Asia market.The S/P type pneumatic couplers are widly used together with gubing,air guns to finish some function.

Hydraulic Fitting

Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminums Finish: yellow zinc or clear zinc plated; oxidizing Packing: box and pallet Thread serie: JIC series, BSP/metric Series, ORFS series, NPTF series, NPSM series, flange series, ORB series Standard: SAE J514, SAE, J1453, DIN2353, BSI 5200 standards. OEM: In addition to the very extensive and comprehensive range of products carried in stock, our company is constantly building on its unique specialist knowledge to locate non-standard items to meet customers�� specific needs.

Pressure Switch

Pressure Switch is a simple pressure control device, when the measured pressure reaches the rating value, the pressure switch may issue a warning or control signals. The working principle is as follows: When the measured pressure exceeds rated value, the free end of the elastic element will result displacement, either directly or through the comparison it will push the switch components, changing the switch on-off state so as to control the pressure swithes.


STM Series Slide Cylinder has body fixed and slide block fixed two fixing types. The bore size of 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm is optional. Shock absorber is optional. There is no cushion if the bore size is 10mm. Delicate appearance, wide range of applications.

Shock Absorbers

It has a soft shock absorbing effedt beause the self-pressure-regulation function. The spring can reset the piston rod fast cause the perfect movement of the check valve. It adopts horniness chromeplated piston rod,special sealing element.It can have a long and stable efficiency. It can adopt fittings,such as orientation stop screw cap,setting unt,retaining plate et. The nonstandard can be also manufactured.

Gas Spring

Its production capability amounts to 3.5million pieces of gas springs per year.They are compatible with products from many domestic auto manufacturers,large furniture plants,medical instrument plants and bodybuilding equipment plants,and are sold to Europe USA,and other countries and regions,assembled with cargos from plentiful exporting companies.