Pneumatic Cylinder

With many years of sustained development, our VPC Cylinder has been grown into the star products in our company. The brand has the strongest ability in these items. From standard to non-standard, from bore size 6mm to bore size 320mm, we can provide so many cylinders as follows: compact cylinder, mini cylinder, square cylinder, needle cylinder, guided cylinder, pen cylinder, rotary cylinder, and air gripper, etc. The end covers of the cylinder are cast by high tonnage casting machines. Piston is precisely machined by

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Directional Valve

VPC has many series 5/2 ,5/3,3/2 directional valves ,including directional solenoid valve , air control valve ,hand pull/push valve ,foot valve, rotary valve, mechanical valve,NAMUR valve, and accessory valves . It is full range to facilitate the selection. Key sealing imported from Japan which ensures long service life and better anti-friction. The valve body is processed by high precision CNC tapping center, ensuring accurate concentricity with best Min.friction. Imported piano wire ensures a high elastic coefficient.

Solenoid Valve

As the most professional solenoid valve manufacturer, our VPC has many series solenoid valves to satisfy our customers. It applies to different pressure (0Mpa-5.0Mpa), temperature (0-180C), port size (M5-2��), mounting type (thread, flange) etc.elements. Though there are so many valves here, my dear customer, you still can find the right valve easily. You should consider the following elements: 1/ Working Medium 2/ Working Temperature 3/ Working Pressure 4/ Thread size and type 5/ Orifice 6/ Valve body material.

Air Treatment Units

Air source treatment is combined by three components. They are the filter, regulator, and lubricator. Hence we also call it as F.R.L. Filter is used to filter out impurities in the air. The filtered air becomes clean and dry. The regulator is used to maintain the stable pressured clean air to the systems. And the lubricator is used to lubricate the clean, stable pressured air. Top level aluminum body, high strength, and lightweight. Balanced the structure for a regulator with high precision pressure adjustment and high

Pneumatic Accessories

Pneumatic accessory components in the automation system are often not the most important components. Its role is to support cylinder, valve and air source treatment unit to compose a complete automatic control system. But it is one of the most indispensable elements. VPC pneumatic accessory has the full range of products to facilitate the selection. We have quick coupler ,one-touch fitting ,metal fitting ,air tubes, pressure gauges ,pressure switches, mufflers etc.products VPC get fame and applause from our customers