Pneumatic Valve – Pneumatic Check Valve

Pneumatic Check Valve AKH

AKH One Way Check Valve of check valves are available in a variety of configurations to provide designers with a variety of solutions according to the operating conditions. 

  • Port Size: M5,PT1/8,PT1/4,PT3/8,PT1/2

Metal Pneumatic Check Valve AKB

The AKB Metal Check Valve with One Touch Fitting is a quick coupling for air piping and pneumatic tools. It can be used to connect or disconnect pipes without tools.

  • Port Size: PT1/8,PT1/4,PT3/8,PT1/2

Pneumatic Check Valve CV

CV Pneumatic Check Valve are one-way valves with high flow, zero leakage and low pressure drop, suitable for most fluid and gas applications. The fully guided lift valve with a free floating O-ring can tolerate particulate contamination very well.

  • Port Size: G1/8,G1/4,G3/8,G1/2;
  • Proof Pressure: 1.5MPa;
  • Working Environment Temperature: 0~70℃
  • Material: Copper,NBR

High Pressure Check Valve LCV

LCV Pneumatic Check Valve Nominal pressure range: 0.15, 1, 3 8 Psig (0.01, 0.07, 0.21 0.55 bar);

  • Port Size: G1/8,G1/4,G3/8,G1/2,G3/4,G1;
  • Proof Pressure: 15kgf/cm²;
  • Working Environment Temperature: -5~60℃
  • Material: Aluminum,NBR

Quick Exhaust Valve SEU

SEU Quick Exhaust Valve is suitable for the pipeline where the industrial medium is water. As a device for quickly removing the gas in the pipeline, it is an essential equipment for the pipeline to improve the efficiency of the water conveyance equipment and protect the pipeline from deformation and cracking. 

  • Port Size: G1/2;
  • Proof Pressure: 15kgf/cm²
  • Working Environment Temperature: -5~60℃
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy

Pneumatic Quick Exhaust Valve BQE

BQE Pneumatic Quick Exhaust Valve is a one-way control valve, the medium can only flow in one direction through the valve. The valve has reasonable design, simple structure, beautiful appearance and wide application.

  • Port Size: PT1/8,PT1/4,PT3/8,PT1/2;
  • Proof Pressure: 1.0-1.5MPa
  • Working Environment Temperature: 0~70℃
  • Material: Copper

Shuttle Valve KV

KV Pneumatic Shuttle Valve is equivalent to two check valves. It has two input ports and one output port. In the pneumatic system, it can be used in both the execution loop and the control loop to make a logical “or”. effect.

  • Port Size: G1/8,G1/4,G3/8,G1/2,G3/4,G1
  • Proof Pressure: 0.9~1.5MPa
  • Working Environment Temperature: -5~60℃
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy

Quick Exhaust Air Valve QE/VQE

QE Quick Exhaust Air Valve(Pneumatic Check Valve) is a single-phase auxiliary component, which can quickly discharge the compressed air that has been used in the system. Generally arranged between the cylinder and the reversing valve, so that the gas in the cylinder is not discharged quickly through the reversing valve.

  • Port Size: G1/8,G1/4,G3/8,G1/2
  • Proof Pressure: 0.8~1.0MPa
  • Working Environment Temperature: 0~70℃
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy